Best Photo Editor for PC and Mobile

The role of photo editor in today’s generation is very necessary. By using this app, you can create many beautiful and amazing photos. As we know that there are a photo-based social media which is very useful to earn money, it makes people want to create a great feed on their account by using photo editor. Indeed, pictures are worth more than a thousand words. That’s why people want to keep their photo and edit it to be a better picture.  A photo editor is also a great tool for someone who has photography as their job or passion. On this post, FileHippo will recommend you two photo editing app which can you use for PC and mobile.

The Best Photo Editor for Mobile

VSCO Cam is an application from Visual Supply Co. This application was created due to limited filters and the absence of color settings, contrast, exposure, and others on Instagram which made the developers create a smartphone application that serves to edit your snapshots before uploading to Instagram. VSCO Cam is an application that is currently become hit in the world. FileHippo is recommending you this app because by using VSCO Cam you can edit photos like professional photographers with bright vintage colors or gloomy style.

VSCOCAM is also an application that has the function of capturing or taking photos. It allows users to make changes using digital filters. After that, the user can share the photos to VSCO Grid or to other social media. The specialty of this application is to provide a unique, elegant, and more attractive filter selection which can’t be obtained in other applications. This VSCO Cam application can be used on devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Features in VSCO Cam

When you open this application, you will immediately see some of the main features contained in it. Those features are:

  1. Grid

VSCO Grid is a container provided by VSCO for its users to share photos with other users, by signing up first. You will also have a personal gallery account on the VSCO Cam website. But unfortunately, there are no features for commenting or liking the gallery. And because I am not interested in signing in, my photo isn’t in it.

  1. Gallery

In this feature, you can import photo aliases to insert files from the gallery on your mobile. But unfortunately, VSCO Cam is only limited to receiving sizes with standard resolution and cannot import with large resolutions. You can also do the editing process, in the Android version the user will be able to enjoy 10 presets (from vivid color to black & white) plus some editing tools (exposure, temperature, contrast, etc.). After editing, you can also upload the edited photos to your social media and you can also store it in the gallery.

  1. Camera

In this feature, there is a slight difference between the VSCO Cam iOS version and Android. There are several tools that are not available on Android such as two-finger split focus and material because the majority of Android devices also do not support spot material. Even though both of these tools give users the privilege to adjust the camera’s focus and lighting.

  1. Settings

Settings are used to change the placement position of the tool and also the presets and set up networking with several social networks. So in addition to the free features provided directly in the editing feature, VSCO also provides a variety of presets and tools that are much more and more interesting that you can download through its In-App Purchase Store. Users can buy it or can also download some of the options for free.

The Best Photo Editor for PC

FileHippo’s recommendation for the best photo editor on your PC is none other than Adobe Photoshop. This app is used by designers or photo editor since in this application there are a lot of features. Adobe Photoshop also has a lot of effects variations that can help designers and editors complete their work

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop

You can create many beautiful photos using Adobe Photoshop. Here are some advantages of this very popular photo editor.

  1. Create writing with certain additional effects.

The Adobe Photoshop application has several effects for the text that you can adjust according to your creations and innovations. If you can place the text according to the picture or background conditions, the results will become more interesting and the photo will have a very high selling power.

  1. Create various materials and backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop also provides some material for you to be creative in making material that is interesting and in accordance with your own desires. You can pour all your desires into an interesting creation.

  1. Great editing tools

By using Adobe Photoshop you can change your bad image to good. Moreover, this app provides many effects available for you to use. It makes the image variations becomes smoother and look more beautiful.

  1. Create web material.

File Hippo Download recommends this app since Adobe Photoshop can also be used for web purposes such as compressing image files so they have smaller resolution, cutting out small images, and creating a web photo gallery. By using Adobe Image Ready, you can create web logos, web backgrounds, and GIF animations.

  1. Complete editing tools

The tools for editing are more complete compared to other photo editing apps. The tools that Photoshop has been really great and complete. There are many useful features to create great photos.

You can download those two photo editing apps for free.

5 Ways To Know The Eggs Is Still Good Or Not


There are a few ways to know if the eggs are still good to eat or not. How long do eggs last may depend on the way you save them. But if you are already saving them for more than a week and don’t know when exactly the farmer takes them from the chicken, you need to do this test.

Ways To Know The Eggs Is Still Good Or Not

  • Water Test

Eggs Water Test

The first way is using water. Put an egg in the water. You can use glass or bowl. If it is floating so the egg is rotten and not good to eat. It may stinky and the color have changed.

If it is floating in the middle of the glass, it still okay but not too fresh. Probably the age of the egg is more than 2 weeks.

You still can eat them, but first crack them in a bowl and see the color. If it’s not like a fresh egg maybe to yellow at the whites or already smelly, don’t eat them.

Then if the eggs are a sink, it means that the air inside the eggs shell is not much. The eggs are still good and fresh so you can store it again or cook them.

  1. Expired Date

Eggs Expired Date

When you asked about how long do eggs last, it can be shown clearly from the expired date. Carton box which holds them from the supermarket will tell you the expired date.

Don’t throw away the box. So you can use them as a clue when does the eggs will last. A farmer may write the production date and estimation of the expired date.

No one knows better than the farmer who took it from the chicken itself. So you can trust the expired date on the box.

  1. Smell The Eggs

Smell The Eggs

The easiest way to know how long do eggs last is by the smell it. Crack the egg on a bowl and smell them. A fresh egg will smell good. There is no disgusting smell or another odor in it.

But if it is stink and disgusting just simply throw them away because it already last and cant be eaten. Sometimes a young aged egg can be broken by another food’s odors. It can make the egg’s quality down faster.

  1. Use Candle Or Flashlight

Candling Eggs

The next method is by using a flashlight or candle. Simply put the flashlight to the eggs, then turn it on. If the yolks and whites are still clearly separated then the eggs are good. The second thing you can see is the air.

If the air inside the eggs is not too much it means the egg is still good. The amount of air can be a clear clue to let you know whether the egg is good to eat or not.

  1. Look At The Egg Shell

Egg Shell

How long do eggs last can be seen also from the shell? A fresh and good egg has a flawless surface and color.

It may consist of some spot in it. But the spot’s color is black, tiny and maybe just dirt.

But, if you spotted a green color spot in an egg’s shell and you can rub it with the hand it may be a fungus. It can happen when an egg is cracked then they were broke by the bacteria and fungus.

The fungus can be shown as a green or white spot. It can be rubbed easily by hand. If you see this, so it can conclude that the eggs are bad. Don’t eat them or you can be sick because of it.

This five-way to test the eggs can be a guide for you to know how long do fresh eggs last. Do those little test so you will get the best egg to eat and get off from rotten egg.

Some Tips In Making Instagram Captions For Business

Instagram Captions For Business

Nowadays, Instagram is society’s top social media. In a month alone, it draws more than one billion active users from around the world. That’s why this app has everything submerged, from daily activity, influencers until business related. And putting aside the post, Instagram captions is another thing that important from this app. For that, here some tips in making the right captions for your Instagram business account:

Instagram Captions Ideas For Business

  1. Choose Your Instagram Personality and Stick with It

For an Instagram business account, there only two choices for how you deliver your caption: formal or informal. And choosing this, you have to look back on what your brand personality is and stick with it. An airline company would appear less professional if the Instagram admin writes in an informal tone. On the other side, a fast-food restaurant will be less appealing if suddenly they write with a formal language.

  1. Be Close with Your Followers


In writing for a caption, make sure to address the people who read it in second person POV. That way, it will create some sense of belonging and people become attached to your brand. For example, do you have breakfast? is friendlier than remember to eat breakfast. Psychologically, adding caption with personal pronoun is going to make the ones who read your caption feel closer.

  1. Get Inspiration from the World’s Renowned Brands

More often, it’s hard to break through the dominant market in the business world, but it’s not a reason for you not to learn from them. Just because you’re new in the market, don’t act too cocky and think the new girl in town will always get the attention. You have to remember, they stay this long because of a reason, and you can learn from them. And you can start this personal learning time by looking at how they write their captions.

  1. Always be Up to Date

Up to Date

An Instagram business account should always appear smart. To show this side, at least you have to keep up with the current events. And also you should be perceptive with what’s happening. For example, you planned for a giveaway party for your follower for tomorrow. But later in the day, there’s news about a bombing accident took place in your country. Your best response is to delay the giveaway, at the same time ask your followers understanding about the matter.

  1. Never Forget to Mention Your Brand

Although people know who you are, it’s understandable to mention your brand in the caption instead of using we. And instead of stuffy, it’s rather cute. Also, mention your brand may perform as a reminder for people who they’re-talking-into.

  1. Call of Action

To engage some activity from your followers or people who see your post, add some call of action in your caption. You can see it as you’re asking for a response about what you write in the caption or asking for like if they agree with you. That way, people will feel included as if you’re talking to them personally.

The list above is about some tips on how to write Instagram captions for your business account. Furthermore, you should remember it’s a business account, not your personal one. Thus, you have to know the boundary until where the friendly personality in managing your Instagram business account.

Five Tips To Write Good Instagram Captions That You Must Know

Write Good Instagram Captions

Instagram is one of the social media that’s very popular nowadays. Almost all people in this world have it. In addition, Instagram is a tool where the employers like to check their employees. Thus, you must know some tips to write good Instagram captions. Those tips are as follow.

Tips To Write Good Instagram Captions

  1. Tell A Story

Through Instagram, many people share their life story. This is one way or another to attract people with captions. People love story. Moreover, if the story itself has a good moral value.

If you are using your Instagram for marketing, telling a story is good for you. You can review your product by giving some testimonies. Moreover, it’s also better to tell your own experience after using your own product. It’s also better to tell other’s experience too.

  1. Ask Question

Ask Question

To engage with the audience, it’s better to ask some questions in your captions. Good captions communicate with the audience. This is one of the tips to write good Instagram captions. Making engagement with question answer is fun. You can create a good communicative atmosphere between you and the reader.

Moreover, by asking a question, you will know the audience’s need. Thus, you can fulfill them with your new upcoming captions or your product. This way is very useful for an online shop or other business using Instagram as their marketing.

  1. Use Some Senses of humor

Making people laugh is positivity. It means that you are trying to make others happy. Thus, using some humor for Instagram captions is perfect. Good captions sometimes need something different. Humor is one of them.

You can create a story to attract the audience to read. However, you can also use some of your funny experience and post it on Instagram. Add a perfect picture matching with your story. This way will make the reader like your captions and also could add your followers.

  1. Write Less

Writing too many words as your Instagram captions will make others less likely to read. The audiences like something that they read at glance. Thus, try to write less.

This is why writing less become one of the tips to write good Instagram captions. Make your story short, but convey deep meaning. That’s better than you write too many paragraphs. Remember that the audience more like a short caption than the long one.

  1. Use Hashtags And Tags

The last tips are using hashtags and tags. However, using too much of them is worst. Try to use them wisely. In addition, tagging will make you engage with the audience. Therefore, use it properly. With tagging, people that you tag will likely to read your post.

Tagging is very useful to get new followers. On the other hand, the hashtag is a bit different. However, hashtags can increase the engagement rates on your post.

Those top five tips to write good Instagram captions you must know. If you are using your Instagram for your business, then these tips are important for you. Remember that you have to make some engagement for your audience. Plus, good caption won’t make the reader bored.

Explanation Of How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

This service is useful to help when the iPhone is lost. Or you forget where it is and unfortunately you set it in silent mode. Once you should activate the location service and activate all the choices if you want the highest accuracy. To know how accurate is find my iPhone you must read the terms below.

How The Find My iPhone Works

Find my iPhone has a variety of sophisticated ways to find the location of a lost iPhone. The level of accuracy also depends on the method used. Here is the explanation of how accurate is Find My iPhone works.

  • Depend On GPS

There are several options that are faced by the user when setting up GPS. All of the options can affect the accuracy of finding my iPhone. Choose the highest accuracy to get the closest distance. So y ou will find the phone easier. But It drains more battery than usual because all wireless connection will active.

  • Cellular Network

If the iPhone in a place which has a bad network, you still can make an emergency call. This is another way to find the lost iPhone. From that emergency call, police can locate where the phone is. This may work for someone who gets lost somewhere.

Using this emergency calls would help people to find them through finding the iPhone. Because if the iPhone is stolen, there’s no way the thief will call the emergency number.

  • Wifi

iPhone is smart enough and can use wifi which spread out in a whole city. You know that almost all restaurants, shops and malls use wifi. This public wifi can connect to the iPhone and give information to the owner where their lost iPhone is. The accuracy will increase if it located near to the wifi.

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth isn’t just for sending the file. It can use to locate the phone while it’s turned on. The accuracy of this method may vary. Because it depends on how good the Bluetooth quality. But if you lost iPhone at home, maybe this way is easy to use. Location of the lost iPhone can detect by computer or mac. How accurate is find my iPhone describe by the circles around of the point?

Understand The Accuracy

Accuracy of Find My iPhone

How accurate is find my iPhone will be described in this explanation. When you try to find the lost iPhone, the map will show a point. This point is an estimation of where the phone is. And the circle around this point means the area where may the phone located.

If the circle looks big it means the accuracy is bad. Because you need to find in that large area. Then if it is a small circle, your effort to search is easier.

Then, if it has a grey color, means that the phone is not in a good cellular network area or not active anymore. This grey color usually equipped with last active time information.

To help you locate the phone easier, make sure to choose the highest accuracy and full the battery before going out from home. Don’t forget to turn on the wifi and Bluetooth and the sound if you are going outdoors.

5 Most-Visited Free Sports Streaming Sites

Free Sports Streaming Sites

It is annoying to be in a rush just to watch your favorite team match. You are afraid of missing their great performance in the field. Yes, this feeling could happen when you’re in a traffic jam or somewhere. But, today don’t worry, there are many free sports streaming sites. You can still watch the match anywhere without any cost.

Before we mention the most-visited free sports streaming sites, you need to know what it is. For some people, it might be a new thing. This site provides you many matches. Not only football but also other sports too. All you need is a good internet connection and its high-speed. In several sites, you are also able to download the sports game.

5 Most-Visited Free Sports Streaming Sites

There are many sport streaming sites. But, unluckily, not all of them are free. Some ask you to subscribe or pay a periodical member. However, this must be uncomfortable for you while streaming videos. So, that is why we give you some recommendation sites below:

1. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

This site is one of the most favorite destinations for every sports lover. Red Bull is also different from any kind of sports streaming site. It shows you the adventure sports, live sports programming, and people lifestyle which happening. Another thing which no one has is the list. Red Bull has a list based on the Athletes according to the country and sports.

What are you looking for here? The available sports here are climbing, racing, F1, skiing, snowboarding, until eSports. It is like a one-package online site for your sport desire.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Just like Red Bull TV, Fox Sport is also the place as free sports streaming sites. When you open the site, you can see the scores from any matches at the top. It is also completed by the schedules, highlights, and comments from famous people. Coming from the legal sport streaming part, you are free to access Fox Sport. But if you have an account in Verizon, Cox, Frontier, etc., you can use it to log in here.


Do you want to feel like watching the match directly? is the right choice! You can watch live streaming and sports videos for free here. There are million broadcasts and contents here. If you want to have it on your hand, just download Ustream via Google Play. Get the updated score, recent information, and upcoming event just on one click.

4. Reddit


If you are a sports lover plus social media maniac, you must be already familiar with Reddit. Yes, this is the most-visited sites in the world. Reddit is put on the top of 50. It has a community called “subreddits”. They don’t only discuss football. You can find various sports community here. So, let’s go check the site now!



This site has a wider reach besides Red Bull TV. You can also feel the same atmosphere just like sitting in the middle of the match. Its service is so clear and high-definition. Came from Austria, Germany, and Japan in 2016, now it expanded until the USA, Brazil, and many countries. If you are falling for sports streaming, DAZN offers you a first-month-free exclusive service.

At first, sport fighting is DAZN focused. So that is why some people may know it is only for the fighting club. But as it expanded, now DAZN offers more than 8,000+ sports shows. Moreover, you can get 100 fight nights a year if you are their subscriber.

Okay, those are the recommended free sports streaming sites from us. Be careful in choosing for websites. Once you Googling, there is some illegals site on the list. Those sites might contain an annoying advertisement or malware. Be wise and only choose the legal one.

What To Do If Snapchat Not Refreshing


If you are a heavy user of Snapchat, then this must be a big problem. There are several reasons why Snapchat not refreshing. However, when it comes to you, you must be a bit worry. Whereas you need to check about some stuff like your connection for example.

Snapchat nowadays becomes a very popular application in society. Not only do adults use it, but also teenagers and children. This application offers many features for its users. Therefore, if it doesn’t work well, it is not a good deal.

What To Do If Snapchat Not Refreshing

Here are five things to do when Snapchat isn’t refreshing.

  1. Log Out Then Log In Snapchat Again

If you find this problem, then what you need to do first is log out. This way helps a few users to be able to send photo and message. Moreover, log out then log in again to an application means like refresh or restart.

There is some easy step to do this. First, open Snapchat with tapping the ghost icon. Then, select settings in the right corner. After that, tap log out with scrolling down the screen to get the menu. Lastly, after you log out then log in again to your Snapchat account.

  1. Reopen Snapchat Application

Another option when facing Snapchat not refreshing is reopened the application. The users could force close the Snapchat application. After that, reopen the application. The users could also go to the recently uses menu to swipe up Snapchat. Thus, Snapchat is completely closed.

Next, users could open the app again. In addition, the users could also check if the Snapchat’s stops failed to send error. This method works for some people. Moreover, forcing Snapchat to close won’t make any big trouble.

Snapchat Not Refreshing

  1. Clear Snapchat Caches

Other ways to fix Snapchat doesn’t refreshing is by clearing caches. There are some steps to follow to clear caches. First of all, open the Snapchat. After that, tap the ghost icon with a yellow box. Then, select settings to find a clear cache.

Then, select clear cache. Next, tap select clear cache and clear all. In addition, this way will help anyone to cheer up and ready to get married.

  1. Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

Turning on and off the airplane mode is useful sometimes. This way could help to make the connection stable. The unstable connection is bothering sometimes. Moreover, if it comes to Snapchat where we usually use it for communication.

However, when you turn on the airplane mode, you should make sure some things. One of those things is your connection. Make sure that your phone is already connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. In addition, turning on and off the connection can restart the network connection.

  1. Downgrade Snapchat

The last one but not the least. Snapchat is like any other apps. This application needs to upgrade to the newer features. Thus, some features don’t work because of some failed upgrades. Therefore, the users need to downgrade it into older versions.

Those are a brief explanation about what to do when Snapchat not refreshing. Well, don’t worry then. Check the problem and do one or some of the following stuff above.

The Best 11 Smadav 2019 Features

Smadav 2019

Have you already installed the new version of Smadav which is amazingly competed by Smadav 2019 Features? If not, this article is a must-read one to check out. As the most widely used antivirus software around the world, Smadav comes with its powerful and updating features to offer you more protection on your PC as well as offer you flexibility over the software.

Smadav 2019 Features

On this article, you will read the best 11 Smadav 2019 Features which highlight you with the functions of each feature. Be sure you will be inspired to install this version as soon as after you read this out.

Total Protection on USB Drive

The first feature of Smadav 2019 is the total protection on USB drive. This is very good especially when you frequently use your USB drive to transfer data out of the PC or vice versa. Along with this feature, you don’t have to feel much worry about your USB drive security. Install this software for sure.

Best for Offline Use

The second best Smadav 2019 Feature is that it can be used offline way. It means that you can run this antivirus software without connecting to the internet. It is because Smadav 2019 is not required to be updated as often as other antivirus software.

Cleaner Tools

The third feature you can check out is the cleaner tools. Smadav 2019 has definitely had cleaner tools to clean the viruses attacking your computer.

Regular Updates

One of the Smadav 2019 Features is the regular updates which means you can update it once a month. This is the regular update that you must follow. So far, it is not as often as another antivirus.

Smadav 2019 Features

Automatic Update Online

The automatic update online feature enables you to update the software automatically when you are connecting to the internet. This is a very flexible way.

Ability to Change the Theme Color

Other Smadav 2019 Feature you must check out is the ability of the software to change the theme color. In this case, you can be able to choose your favorite color by entering setting and simply finding your desired color.

Complete Internet Security Suite

The feature of a complete internet security suite proves that this software is good to protect your PC when you are on the internet surfing.

Free System Speedup

You must also need to know that the free system speedup feature will allow you to store treats, short files and so on. This is very good to support you store what you like without restrictions.

Save Search Plus

Save Search Plus feature allows you to use the program extension to expel the connections which are detected to be dangerous for your PC.

Ability to Fight against Online Attacks

Other Smadav 2019 Feature is the ability to fight against online attacks. It is very helpful when you work with the computer which is always connecting to the internet.

99.7% Viruses Detection Ability

The last greatness of Smadav 2019 antivirus is its ability to detect viruses up to 99.7%. This feature proves that Smadav 2019 offers high security and protection.


Now that you have known Smadav 2019 Features, you must have no reason anymore not to install Smadav 2019, right? So, what are you waiting for?

[Answer] How To Turn Off Windows Defender

Have you ever been familiar with the way How To Turn Off Windows Defender? If not, I must congratulate you for visiting the right site in order to find out the way how to disable the Windows Defender. Although Windows Defender is categorized as an anti-malware engine that helps you protect your device and data from the viruses, spyware, and other security threats, some people want to disable it on their Windows 10. The decision of turning off the Windows defender may bring you risk of letting your device attacked by the threats, however, in some cases, it is a must. If so, we are going to share you the two ways of How To Turn Off Windows Defender. Those are using the group policy editor and using Registry. Check out the explanation as follows:

How To Turn Off Windows Defender:

Turning Off Windows Defender Using Group Policy Editor

Have you been running for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education? If yes, then you must be happy since you can be able to turn off the Windows Defender using Group Policy Editor. Even you can turn it off permanently. How can? Check and follow the steps How To Turn Off Windows Defender below:

  1. The first thing you must do is to search the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R. If you are finished doing this, please open the command Run.
  2. Next, you could type gpedit.msc. Make sure you type the correct word and avoid misspelling.
  3. The next thing to do is to click “OK”.
  4. Finishing the third step, you must open Local Group Policy Editor. This is how you come to the point.
  5. The fifth step is to browse the path of Computer Configuration. After that, you are required to browse Administrative Templates. Continue your browsing about Windows Components. And the last browsing is Windows Defender Antivirus.
  6. Next, you must find Turn Off Windows Defender Antivirus policy and make a double-click.
  7. The seventh step is to choose Enabled. This is the way to disable the Windows Defender.
  8. If you want this way works well, click Apply and OK at the same time. This means you have disabled the Windows Defender.

Turning Off Windows Defender Using Registry

Perhaps, you can’t turn off the Windows Defender using the first way. So this second way of How To Turn Off Windows Defender comes as the alternative. Please pay attention that using Registry may damage your installation. Thus, you must be sure that you do this step correctly.

  1. The first step is to search the keyboard key and shortcut of Windows Key + R and definitely open the command Run.
  2. Carefully type regedit. Don’t make any misspelling.
  3. Tap OK and direct yourself to open the Registry.
  4. The next step is to find the path of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsDefender.
  5. Try to find DisableAntySpyware DWORD.
  6. The next step is to rename the key DisabledAtiSpyware. If you are finished, tap on entering.
  7. After tapping on entering, please double-click the new DWORD. Don’t forget to value from 0 to 1.
  8. The last step is to tap “OK”. You are done.


All in all, there is always the possibility to disable some function on your Windows including the antivirus such as Windows Defender. These two steps of How To Turn Off Windows Defender is expected to help you if you really want to disable the Windows Defender.

Best Flashlight App For Android With The Easy Installation

Did you realize that installing Best Flashlight App For Android can be very useful to help you solve some small problems? When you are arriving home very late at night and you need to lighten the way you enter your flat or house, you can quickly turn on the flashlight on your Android. Perhaps, you want also to repair your bike or car and you need a mini flashlight, all you need to do is just to install the flashlight app straight away.

Thus, considering how useful the flashlight app is, we are going to review some best flashlight apps you can install for your Android. Check them out to find the ideas.

Best Flashlight App For Android:

Color Flashlight

Color flashlight offers security to your personal data due to the minimal permissions. You can get this app for free and get the flashlight along with the various colors and shapes. In this case, you can choose hearts shape, burning candlestick and glowing text.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the Best Flashlight App For Android which requires only 1 MB of your phone’s data. It is categorized as one of the oldest apps you can find on the Google Play Store. It is also well-known for its reliability. The options you can take are strobe light, blinking light, police light, and Morse code.

Flashlight HD LED

Are you looking for the simple and straightforward app of a flashlight? Flashlight HD LED is the answer. This flashlight app is able to produce a flashlight in so many different colors. No, you can actually use the flashlight with the color that best suit you and your color preference.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

When it comes to free apps, Super-Bright LED flashlight becomes more and more popular. This flashlight app has a strobe light feature. It has also compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you have already had this Android type, don’t take time. Install the Super-Bright LED flashlight as soon as possible and get the light.

TeslaLED Flashlight

This is one of the most trustworthy apps which are available for Google Play. As the Best Flashlight App For Android too, this app has a simple interface and customizable home screen widget. However, it sometimes doesn’t t work well with the newer Android devices such as the running KitKat because it is not updated.

ArtLine Flashlight

Another simple flashlight app comes with the name ArtLine Flashlight. It offers a small installation size which is 0.9 MB without unnecessary fluff, timer, and more. You will be able to activate the flashlight when the phone’s screen is off. Some advertising appears but you can still get the functionality. This app is definitely free and has no permissions.


Conclusively, having the Best Flashlight App For Android is very useful and helpful. After reading this review, we feel certain that you will be inspired to choose one that is easy to install and easy to use, too. Don’t hesitate to get the app for free. Thus, finding some ideas on this site is your best choice.

Best Web Browser For Windows You Can Download

Do you want to have a great browser to support you surf the internet? Don’t worry. We have some Best Browser For Windows recommendations you can take without any consideration. The best browser is very prominent and becomes the major need when your life is buzzing around with the net. You need such best browser either for supporting your career or just for getting entertainment.

This article is going to show you some Best Browser For Windows you may want to have and FileHorse Chrome is one website that provides many browsers for you to have. Thus, provide your 10 minutes to scroll down the page and read out. Here it is:

Best Browser For Windows:

AOL Shield Browser

If you want a secure browser for your windows, AOL Shield Browser is the best you can choose. It offers high protection of browsing anytime you surf the social media, banking or shopping. All of your information will be protected well by this browser.

The features offered by AOL Shield Browser is the anti-keylogging technology that allows you to open up the hidden information done by the hackers. This browser also has screen grab protection which is aimed to stop the malware from taking your monitor’s picture when you are entering the sensitive data.

As one of the Best Browser For Windows, AOL Shield Browser is also featuring stop scam websites from loading. Thus, you won’t be tricked to open your personal data information. This browser can be freely downloaded only at 512 KB and it is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Avant Browser

Are looking for an ultra-fast web browser? You may consider Avant Browser. This browser type offers efficiency to your experience in surfing the net. Avant Browser is 100% free and contains no virus, no advertisement, no malware, and no spyware.

Since memory often becomes the thing that people think twice, Avant browser comes as a solution. It uses the lowest memory as the web browser on the Windows platform. You can get this browser freely by 4.33 MB. It offers safe and secure downloading. So don’t miss it.

Avast Secure Browser

Protecting personal details is the main function of Avast Secure Browser. Along with this browser’s built-in features, you can stop digital fingerprinting and hiding your personal details. Unfortunately, this browser doesn’t available on Android. All of the features offered by Avast Secure Browser as one of the Best Browser For Windows are functioned as protection.  Those are:

  • Bank mode; it stops the hackers to steal your password, credit card numbers, and other personal details.
  • SecureLine VPN; it stops the snoopers to eavesdrop on you.
  • Anti-fingerprinting; it hides your unique profile so that no website can identify you.
  • Adblock; it blocks the ads coming so fast when you are browsing.
  • Anti-Phishing; it prevents your PC from virus infection, spyware, and malware attack.
  • Anti-Tracking; it stops the website to track your online activities.
  • Stealth-mode; it stops you store the browsing history.
  • HTTPS Encryption; it hides the data sent to you.
  • Password manager; it stores and creates your login credentials for your desired websites.
  • Extension Guard; it blocks unwanted ads.
  • Privacy cleaner; it makes you free up the disk space.
  • Flash protect; it automatically blocks flash-based content from processing.

You can get this browser 100% free by the 2.6 MB downloading.


Overall, you must have Best Browser For Windows for your enjoyable browsing along with the secure process and minimum risk. Don’t hesitate to download one of the browsers we have just reviewed since they are all free.