Things to Know about iPhone X

Apple released an iPhone X, a special iPhone specifically for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It’s no wonder the iPhone X name is read as “iPhone Ten” where X is a representation of the number 10 and the affirmation of the many new advantages and features of the iPhone X. As the newest and most special iPhone ever, of course, Apple has pinned many new features on the iPhone X.

The Advantages of iPhone X

What are the features of the iPhone X and the advantages of the iPhone X compared to the previous iPhone?

  1. A11 Bionic

The new device certainly comes with a superior processor. This time, Apple pinned the A11 Bionic as a new processor for the iPhone X, the same processor also used on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This new processor has many excellent features and is unique when compared to previous processors.

  1.  Super Retina Display

The iPhone X screen is arguably the best screen for all iPhones ever. With a screen that is also very large which is 5.8 Inch, the iPhone X has a high-quality screen. This screen is claimed to be very accurate when dealing with colors. In addition, high resolution and sharpness also make everything displayed will feel very soft and sharp.

  1. New Design

The design of the iPhone X is arguably very radical and different from the previous iPhone. Apple is truly no longer use their old iPhone design. The most obvious is that there is no Home button. Because of the different designs, you also have to adjust a different UX or User Experience. For example, to access the start screen or switch between applications that use the Home button, of course, it will not be able to be as before.

  1. True Depth camera

The front camera of the iPhone X carries a new technology called True Depth. This technology allows the camera to be able to measure image depth by knowing the distance of each object with the camera lens. Because there is a difference in the distance of each object with a lens, the iPhone camera can produce a blur or bokeh effect like a DSLR camera in general. So, the camera will capture a better picture.

  1. Wireless Charging

The long-awaited feature comes in this gadget.  The iPhone X officially carries wireless battery charging technology. This is a new surprising feature which makes us very happy since the charger cable from iPhone is not durable.

What’s New in iPhone X?

Below are some features which already upgraded from the previous iPhone

  1. OLED technology screen

Unlike traditional weak OLED technology in several sectors, such as sharpness and brightness, Apple claims OLED technology in the iPhone X is far better than traditional OLEDs. This is because, in addition to carrying OLED technology that is the same as the OLED screen in general, Apple also embeds Super Retina Display technology, which we discussed earlier so that all the weaknesses of traditional OLED technology can be well covered.

  1. Face ID

Another technology that utilizes the presence of the front camera is the Face ID. The Face ID feature allows you to unlock iPhone and other authentication using the face. The Face ID function is very similar to Touch ID, which is an authentication tool using biometric data. The only difference is that Face ID uses faces, while Touch ID uses fingerprints.

  1. Animoji

Bored with that same emoji in your old iPhone? Apple succeeded in developing Animoji technology that made animation from several pre-existing emojis. The animation shown is also very natural. This feature requires the latest technology available on the front camera of the iPhone X to detect facial movements and gestures and then implement them into certain animations.