How To Take A Screenshot on HP Laptop Easily

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop You Should Know

The development of technology has now helped people in many ways. People can now capture important scenes or information without having to use another gadget. Just by one gadget, they can screenshot a piece of information they need. This is also known as a screenshot, which is available on both mobile phones and laptops. Whatever kind of computer you have, you can easily screenshot things you need. There are many ways to take a screenshot on HP laptop that you should know.

People can do screenshots using the keyboards only or use applications that they can download. However, before using other apps it is best people know how to take a screenshot on HP laptop using keyboards. The steps are easy and will need only a few minutes to do. So, here are the steps to capture a screen:

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop You Should Know

1. Print Screen Key

Almost all HP laptops will have a print screen key on their keyboard. The function of this key is to capture the screen that people will need. For those whose windows update will just need to press the Print screen / PrtScn key on their board. When you press this key, it will dim for a moment which is the capturing process. This process will capture the whole screen and save it as a clipboard on the computer. If you want to edit it, then use the app paint or photoshop then save it on your computer.

2. Win + PrintScreen

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop

If you need to capture the whole screen of your laptop, then you can use the function on your keyboards. Find a key on the right of the keyboard that is written PrintScreen or PrtSc. Choose the screen that you want to capture and close the windows that you are not using. Then press together the key Win (usually it is in a square symbol) and the PrtSc key. Next, open up an application such as word or paint to paste the screen. Then you can edit the screen as you need or just leave it as it is.

3. Capture Active Window

You can also capture an active window and save it on your computer easily. The steps on how to take a screenshot on HP laptop are almost the same as before. The difference is only one of the keys that you need to press, here you will need Alt and Print Screen. Press these two buttons together and then paste it on an image editor. You can then edit the photo as you like but don’t forget to save it afterward.

4. Few Area Screenshot

For those who want to capture only a few areas of a screen can use the snipping tool. The updated software usually already has this app without downloading it. But if you don’t have one, then you can download it on your computer. First, make sure the area that you want to capture is ready and clean from other tabs. Then click the app and choose the area that you want to capture. It will automatically show on the app and you can also edit it right away on the app. You can choose to save it or copy-paste it on another file.

5. Screenshot Apps

If you have tried these steps above, but you still can’t capture a screen then one of the keys may be broken. To help you capture the screen, download apps that have this function. There are also many apps that can-do screen capture in a quick time. Some of the most downloaded ones are Greenshot and Lightshot.


So, make sure your keyboards are working well to take a capture of the screen. The steps on how to take a screenshot on HP laptop are easy and can be learned by anyone. But for those who want an easier way can also download apps like a Screenshot, Greenshot or Lightshot.