How to Choose Great Printers

Printers are one type of hardware which is currently needed by many people, both for personal use and for work purposes. The printer itself was first discovered in the era of the 80s, which was a substitute for a typewriter that had had a lot of changes, ranging from the type and technology used. At first, the printer takes a long time to print documents. Moreover, it can only use black and white ink. Right now, the printer can print very quickly, even printing documents with images and colors that are very sharp and good.

Great Features from Printers

Here are some features that can be obtained in a printer which can maximize your work:

  1. Color printing features up to large sizes.
  2. Print quickly (on laser jet printers).
  3. The function of scanning documents.
  4. Wireless printer.
  5. Portable Printer.
  6. Mini printer (for paper sizes less than A4).

Tips to Choose Printers

Having a printer that is good and also durable, and can be used in various conditions, of course, is one of the things that we want and also expect from a printer. Therefore, users must also be smart. Choose smart printers that are good and durable. Here are some tips on choosing a good and durable printer that can be applied to try:

  1. Know your needs

The main thing is to make sure about what you buy a printer. If you only want to print from word or excel documents, and in a small amount, the Deskjet option with a cartridge can be the right choice. This type of printer is more durable and it requires easy maintenance, especially if it is only used to print in small quantities. But if you need a multifunction printer, then surely a laser type printer with colored ink is the right choice.

  1. Buy the new one

It’s better for users to buy printers in new conditions. The printer is usually a device that is easily damaged if not treated properly, then you might get a bad printer second condition. Therefore, you are advised to buy a new printer. It is because the price is not too expensive. You will also get a warranty from the distributor and also the factory that produces the printer. The user must at least know how to choose a good and cheap printer. So your printer won’t get damaged quickly at an expensive price.

  1. Warranty

Pay attention to the warranty by the shop and the printer manufacturer. Another thing that is important to you is to look at the warranty provided by the distributor. If the warranty is only for a short time, then you should look for a printer with a long warranty period. The long warranty period shows how the factory or distributor quality of the products that they produce.

  1. Choose a good quality printer brand

Brands are also one of the printer indicators with good quality and durable. Choose printer brands that have been tested for quality. There are lots of printers that have been tested for quality. Some printer brands, such as brands of HP, Epson, Canon, and several other brands which are already legend in the printer market. Therefore, you can choose the type of printer from these brands.

  1. Check the physical condition of the printer

The physical condition of the printer must also be considered. Even if you buy a printer in new conditions, it could be that the printer has a product defect and it has an operational disruption. You also need to be able to ensure that the printer can work properly and does not experience interference.

  1. After sales

Users also need to pay attention to after sales services from distributors. Choose a distributor that has good after sales.