How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

In the event you are wondering about how to take screenshots in Windows 10, there are actually different ways to manage it. The good thing about Windows 10 operating system is that you can choose different ways to take the screenshots. However, if you aren’t used to the operating system, things can be confusing and overwhelming. So, what features that you can use?

Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch

This is a tool that makes it super convenient to take screenshots and also share them. When you see the window appears, choose New so you can start a screen capture. The previous window will then go away. As the replacement, you will see a small menu that asks you to choose the screenshot types you want (full screen, free form, or rectangular). After it takes the shots, it will be automatically loaded to the Snip and Sketch and also copied to the clipboard.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

This tool has existed since the time of Vista, so it is one of the efficient ways of how to take screenshots in Windows 10. Choose New to activate the screenshot process. The default type would be in rectangular, but feel free to manage it with window snip, full screen, or free form type. Since this tool won’t save your shots automatically, you will have to save the results manually before you exit the app. Once you save it, it will copy automatically to the clipboard.

Windows Key and Print Screen

If you want to take a shot of the entire screen as well as save the results automatically, simply press Print Screen and Windows Key together. You should see that the screen will go dim for a while, but no need to worry; it is only a sign that you take the shot. If you want to find the result, go to Pictures and then Screenshots folder. You should find the results there.

Print Screen (PrtScn)

This method will capture the whole display (like in the previous Windows Key and Print Screen method). However, the result won’t be automatically saved as a file. How to take screenshots in Windows 10? It will be saved and copied to your clipboard. After taking the shots, you will have to open a special tool for image editing (like Microsoft Paint) and then paste the shots there. Afterward, you can save from there.

Alt and Print Screen

This is the same as the previous method of PrtScn. Simply press both buttons of Alt and PrtScn and the currently active window would be captured. You will have to open an image editing tool to paste it and then save it.

Volume Down and Windows Logo

In the event you are using a Microsoft Surface gadget, you can use the physical buttons to capture the image. The method is quite simple – just like the one you have on other phones. You only need to hold the Windows Logo (located on the bottom part of the screen) and then press the volume down button at the same time. The results will be saved automatically in the Screenshots folder. Go to Pictures and then Screenshots folder to find them.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can do to do a screenshot of your Windows 10 operating system. Now that you know how to take screenshots in Windows 10, you only need to choose one that is convenient for you.

5 Best All In One Printers For Your Office

All In One Printers

Nowadays, big companies really need sophisticated document printing equipment. For this reason, many companies make all-in-one printers. The point is that the printer can perform several functions with just one device such as print, fax, and scan. Of course, many people are looking for this because of these advantages. The following are some of the best all in one printer recommendations.

Best All In One Printers For Your Office

1. Epson L3110 All In One Eco Tank

Epson L3110

The first all in one printer is from Epson, the L3110 all in one eco tank. With this L3110, you can perform various purposes of printing, scanning and even sending faxes. Besides this L3110, you can use to print documents in 4R size even without borders. L3110 has the ability to print large enough for as many as 7,500 pages of color documents.

As for black and white documents, the ability to print can reach 4,500 pages. Also, the ink tank design of this printer makes it very easy for you to refill. For connectivity, this printer uses USB 2.0. Of course, this printer presents a variety of advantages that can greatly assist your difficulties in printing documents.

2. HP Envy 5643 All-In-One

HP Envy 5643

The next best all in one printer is from the HP company. The Envy 5643 series offers the advantages of several functions with just one tool. That way you can reduce printing costs even more efficiently. HP Envy 5643 has very high printing and scanning quality. So you can print photos with very good quality.

Not only that, but this printer can also scan either via USB 2.0 or via a WiFi connection. That way you can print documents via PC, smartphone or tablet directly. This Envy 5643 also supports several paper sizes from A4 to DL. That is why this HP printer has become one of the all in one printer that is quite recommended.

3. Canon Pixma MP287 All In One Inkjet

Canon Pixma MP287

This year’s best all in one printer is from a Canon company. With this Pixma MP287, you can use your multifunctional needs for various sizes, stickers and much more. In addition, this printer is able to increase the ease of printing black and white text from web pages with the Gray-to-Black feature.

Even because of the hybrid coping system on the Pixma MP287 can help you to provide color sharpness in text and images. Another plus is that the FINE Cartridge Hybrid ink system combines pigment and dye ink so as to produce high-quality color, even when the text appears above the image.

4. Samsung SL-M2885FW All In One

Samsung SL-M2885FW

Other best all in one printer are from Samsung namely the SL-M2885FW series. Not only offers high-quality printing, but the design of this SL-M2885FW is quite unique. In addition, this printer brings professional quality and dynamic performance with unlimited connectivity.

So you can use connectivity with USB 2.0, ethernet, and wifi. With Samsung NFC print technology on this printer you can use the tap, print, and go functions. Even without using an application on a Samsung Galaxy device you can directly use it to directly print.

5. Brother DCP-T310 Ink Tank Refill All In One

Brother DCP-T310 Ink Tank

Brother brand printers are the best printers that offer quality printing. With this DCP-T310, you can accommodate quality printing with easy ink refilling. You can even use the print, scan and copy functions for 6500 pages of black ink and 500 pages for colored ink.

In addition, this DCP-T310 uses a default paper tray and a 1-sheet manual feed slot for flexible paper use. Another function is that you can use it for borderless printing.

Those are 5 best all in one printer recommendations that you can choose from. Of course, each printer presents a different advantage. So you have to be smart in choosing which one is suitable to meet your needs. If the explanation is still incomplete, you can read other printer review references on Sylvia Juncosa.

How to Use Bluestacks That Can Help You

Bluestacks Apps

As you know, Bluestacks is one of the modern apps that can help daily activity. There are so many features in Bluestack for you. This app is also flexible to play in several devices. On the other hand, there are many people who don’t know how to use Bluestacks. Lots of them have the wrong step to use this app. There are many versions of Bluestacks that also make them confused. They think that every version has different ways to use it. The version of the device also makes them confused.

There are lots of people who don’t know how to install Bluestacks on their devices. As you know, it is one of the popular apps in America. There are many users of Bluestacks out there. This also makes the company have to give more effort to always improve it. Therefore, you probably find any difficult thing to use the latest version of this. The visualization of this app might be different from others. So, here are easy guidances that can help you to use Bluestacks

Here Are Easy Guidance How to Use Bluestacks

1. Install Bluestack

It is the first thing that you have to do before using Bluestacks. You have to download the Bluestack app of the official website. It will help you to get a legal app, right? It is very important for you to download on the official website. Because if you get the wrong app, it has a bad effect on your device. Your computer might be broken or have a virus because of this wrong app. This also will answer lots of people’s questions about “is Bluestacks safe?” After you get the app, you can install it easily. You just need to follow the steps there.

2. Set Up Bluestacks

The second step to use Bluestack is set up in your device. As you know that after installing Bluestacks, there is not your personal information there. Therefore, you have to set up this app first. It will help you to get more updates about the Bluestacks version. You need to choose your language, location, and sign in your account there. It is very easy to follow, right?  It will be the key before you completely know how to use Bluestacks.

3. Using Bluestacks to Run Apps and Games

This is the main reason for using Bluestacks, right? This app will make it possible to run other apps and games. It also will help you to control these apps easily. First, you need to go to the homepage in Bluestacks. After too, choose App Center to process your app running. At last, just install all your favorite apps and games. Now, you can use all your favorite apps and games in Bluestacks.

4. Basic Setting of Bluestacks

It is more information after success to install all your favorite apps and games. In this way, you will possibly edit your personal information there. It also provides you to change your account status. If you need a premium feature, you have to upgrade it. But if you want to upgrade to a premium subscription, you need to pay for this.

5. Bluestack for Mac OS

Bluestack for Mac OS

It is another version of Bluestacks that can be used. As you know, Bluestack also can launch in Mac OS. But, if you want to use this, you need to install a different app driver. You also have to download from the official website to be safe, right?

In conclusion, Bluestacks is one of the flexible apps that is easy to use. You can use this app on several devices and versions. This article helps you answer the question about how to use Bluestacks, right? Enjoy your favorite apps and games in Bluestacks now.

Explanation Of How Accurate Is Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

This service is useful to help when the iPhone is lost. Or you forget where it is and unfortunately you set it in silent mode. Once you should activate the location service and activate all the choices if you want the highest accuracy. To know how accurate is find my iPhone you must read the terms below.

How The Find My iPhone Works

Find my iPhone has a variety of sophisticated ways to find the location of a lost iPhone. The level of accuracy also depends on the method used. Here is the explanation of how accurate is Find My iPhone works.

  • Depend On GPS

There are several options that are faced by the user when setting up GPS. All of the options can affect the accuracy of finding my iPhone. Choose the highest accuracy to get the closest distance. So y ou will find the phone easier. But It drains more battery than usual because all wireless connection will active.

  • Cellular Network

If the iPhone in a place which has a bad network, you still can make an emergency call. This is another way to find the lost iPhone. From that emergency call, police can locate where the phone is. This may work for someone who gets lost somewhere.

Using this emergency calls would help people to find them through finding the iPhone. Because if the iPhone is stolen, there’s no way the thief will call the emergency number.

  • Wifi

iPhone is smart enough and can use wifi which spread out in a whole city. You know that almost all restaurants, shops and malls use wifi. This public wifi can connect to the iPhone and give information to the owner where their lost iPhone is. The accuracy will increase if it located near to the wifi.

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth isn’t just for sending the file. It can use to locate the phone while it’s turned on. The accuracy of this method may vary. Because it depends on how good the Bluetooth quality. But if you lost iPhone at home, maybe this way is easy to use. Location of the lost iPhone can detect by computer or mac. How accurate is find my iPhone describe by the circles around of the point?

Understand The Accuracy

Accuracy of Find My iPhone

How accurate is find my iPhone will be described in this explanation. When you try to find the lost iPhone, the map will show a point. This point is an estimation of where the phone is. And the circle around this point means the area where may the phone located.

If the circle looks big it means the accuracy is bad. Because you need to find in that large area. Then if it is a small circle, your effort to search is easier.

Then, if it has a grey color, means that the phone is not in a good cellular network area or not active anymore. This grey color usually equipped with last active time information.

To help you locate the phone easier, make sure to choose the highest accuracy and full the battery before going out from home. Don’t forget to turn on the wifi and Bluetooth and the sound if you are going outdoors.

What To Do If Snapchat Not Refreshing


If you are a heavy user of Snapchat, then this must be a big problem. There are several reasons why Snapchat not refreshing. However, when it comes to you, you must be a bit worry. Whereas you need to check about some stuff like your connection for example.

Snapchat nowadays becomes a very popular application in society. Not only do adults use it, but also teenagers and children. This application offers many features for its users. Therefore, if it doesn’t work well, it is not a good deal.

What To Do If Snapchat Not Refreshing

Here are five things to do when Snapchat isn’t refreshing.

  1. Log Out Then Log In Snapchat Again

If you find this problem, then what you need to do first is log out. This way helps a few users to be able to send photo and message. Moreover, log out then log in again to an application means like refresh or restart.

There is some easy step to do this. First, open Snapchat with tapping the ghost icon. Then, select settings in the right corner. After that, tap log out with scrolling down the screen to get the menu. Lastly, after you log out then log in again to your Snapchat account.

  1. Reopen Snapchat Application

Another option when facing Snapchat not refreshing is reopened the application. The users could force close the Snapchat application. After that, reopen the application. The users could also go to the recently uses menu to swipe up Snapchat. Thus, Snapchat is completely closed.

Next, users could open the app again. In addition, the users could also check if the Snapchat’s stops failed to send error. This method works for some people. Moreover, forcing Snapchat to close won’t make any big trouble.

Snapchat Not Refreshing

  1. Clear Snapchat Caches

Other ways to fix Snapchat doesn’t refreshing is by clearing caches. There are some steps to follow to clear caches. First of all, open the Snapchat. After that, tap the ghost icon with a yellow box. Then, select settings to find a clear cache.

Then, select clear cache. Next, tap select clear cache and clear all. In addition, this way will help anyone to cheer up and ready to get married.

  1. Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

Turning on and off the airplane mode is useful sometimes. This way could help to make the connection stable. The unstable connection is bothering sometimes. Moreover, if it comes to Snapchat where we usually use it for communication.

However, when you turn on the airplane mode, you should make sure some things. One of those things is your connection. Make sure that your phone is already connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. In addition, turning on and off the connection can restart the network connection.

  1. Downgrade Snapchat

The last one but not the least. Snapchat is like any other apps. This application needs to upgrade to the newer features. Thus, some features don’t work because of some failed upgrades. Therefore, the users need to downgrade it into older versions.

Those are a brief explanation about what to do when Snapchat not refreshing. Well, don’t worry then. Check the problem and do one or some of the following stuff above.

The Best 11 Smadav 2019 Features

Smadav 2019

Have you already installed the new version of Smadav which is amazingly competed by Smadav 2019 Features? If not, this article is a must-read one to check out. As the most widely used antivirus software around the world, Smadav comes with its powerful and updating features to offer you more protection on your PC as well as offer you flexibility over the software.

Smadav 2019 Features

On this article, you will read the best 11 Smadav 2019 Features which highlight you with the functions of each feature. Be sure you will be inspired to install this version as soon as after you read this out.

Total Protection on USB Drive

The first feature of Smadav 2019 is the total protection on USB drive. This is very good especially when you frequently use your USB drive to transfer data out of the PC or vice versa. Along with this feature, you don’t have to feel much worry about your USB drive security. Install this software for sure.

Best for Offline Use

The second best Smadav 2019 Feature is that it can be used offline way. It means that you can run this antivirus software without connecting to the internet. It is because Smadav 2019 is not required to be updated as often as other antivirus software.

Cleaner Tools

The third feature you can check out is the cleaner tools. Smadav 2019 has definitely had cleaner tools to clean the viruses attacking your computer.

Regular Updates

One of the Smadav 2019 Features is the regular updates which means you can update it once a month. This is the regular update that you must follow. So far, it is not as often as another antivirus.

Smadav 2019 Features

Automatic Update Online

The automatic update online feature enables you to update the software automatically when you are connecting to the internet. This is a very flexible way.

Ability to Change the Theme Color

Other Smadav 2019 Feature you must check out is the ability of the software to change the theme color. In this case, you can be able to choose your favorite color by entering setting and simply finding your desired color.

Complete Internet Security Suite

The feature of a complete internet security suite proves that this software is good to protect your PC when you are on the internet surfing.

Free System Speedup

You must also need to know that the free system speedup feature will allow you to store treats, short files and so on. This is very good to support you store what you like without restrictions.

Save Search Plus

Save Search Plus feature allows you to use the program extension to expel the connections which are detected to be dangerous for your PC.

Ability to Fight against Online Attacks

Other Smadav 2019 Feature is the ability to fight against online attacks. It is very helpful when you work with the computer which is always connecting to the internet.

99.7% Viruses Detection Ability

The last greatness of Smadav 2020 antivirus is its ability to detect viruses up to 99.7%. This feature proves that Smadav 2019 offers high security and protection.


Now that you have known Smadav 2019 Features, you must have no reason anymore not to install Smadav 2019, right? So, what are you waiting for?

[Answer] How To Turn Off Windows Defender

Have you ever been familiar with the way How To Turn Off Windows Defender? If not, I must congratulate you for visiting the right site in order to find out the way how to disable the Windows Defender. Although Windows Defender is categorized as an anti-malware engine that helps you protect your device and data from the viruses, spyware, and other security threats, some people want to disable it on their Windows 10. The decision of turning off the Windows defender may bring you risk of letting your device attacked by the threats, however, in some cases, it is a must. If so, we are going to share you the two ways of How To Turn Off Windows Defender. Those are using the group policy editor and using Registry. Check out the explanation as follows:

How To Turn Off Windows Defender:

Turning Off Windows Defender Using Group Policy Editor

Have you been running for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education? If yes, then you must be happy since you can be able to turn off the Windows Defender using Group Policy Editor. Even you can turn it off permanently. How can? Check and follow the steps How To Turn Off Windows Defender below:

  1. The first thing you must do is to search the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R. If you are finished doing this, please open the command Run.
  2. Next, you could type gpedit.msc. Make sure you type the correct word and avoid misspelling.
  3. The next thing to do is to click “OK”.
  4. Finishing the third step, you must open Local Group Policy Editor. This is how you come to the point.
  5. The fifth step is to browse the path of Computer Configuration. After that, you are required to browse Administrative Templates. Continue your browsing about Windows Components. And the last browsing is Windows Defender Antivirus.
  6. Next, you must find Turn Off Windows Defender Antivirus policy and make a double-click.
  7. The seventh step is to choose Enabled. This is the way to disable the Windows Defender.
  8. If you want this way works well, click Apply and OK at the same time. This means you have disabled the Windows Defender.

Turning Off Windows Defender Using Registry

Perhaps, you can’t turn off the Windows Defender using the first way. So this second way of How To Turn Off Windows Defender comes as the alternative. Please pay attention that using Registry may damage your installation. Thus, you must be sure that you do this step correctly.

  1. The first step is to search the keyboard key and shortcut of Windows Key + R and definitely open the command Run.
  2. Carefully type regedit. Don’t make any misspelling.
  3. Tap OK and direct yourself to open the Registry.
  4. The next step is to find the path of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsDefender.
  5. Try to find DisableAntySpyware DWORD.
  6. The next step is to rename the key DisabledAtiSpyware. If you are finished, tap on entering.
  7. After tapping on entering, please double-click the new DWORD. Don’t forget to value from 0 to 1.
  8. The last step is to tap “OK”. You are done.


All in all, there is always the possibility to disable some function on your Windows including the antivirus such as Windows Defender. These two steps of How To Turn Off Windows Defender is expected to help you if you really want to disable the Windows Defender.

Best Flashlight App For Android With The Easy Installation

Did you realize that installing Best Flashlight App For Android can be very useful to help you solve some small problems? When you are arriving home very late at night and you need to lighten the way you enter your flat or house, you can quickly turn on the flashlight on your Android. Perhaps, you want also to repair your bike or car and you need a mini flashlight, all you need to do is just to install the flashlight app straight away.

Thus, considering how useful the flashlight app is, we are going to review some best flashlight apps you can install for your Android. Check them out to find the ideas.

Best Flashlight App For Android:

Color Flashlight

Color flashlight offers security to your personal data due to the minimal permissions. You can get this app for free and get the flashlight along with the various colors and shapes. In this case, you can choose hearts shape, burning candlestick and glowing text.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the Best Flashlight App For Android which requires only 1 MB of your phone’s data. It is categorized as one of the oldest apps you can find on the Google Play Store. It is also well-known for its reliability. The options you can take are strobe light, blinking light, police light, and Morse code.

Flashlight HD LED

Are you looking for the simple and straightforward app of a flashlight? Flashlight HD LED is the answer. This flashlight app is able to produce a flashlight in so many different colors. No, you can actually use the flashlight with the color that best suit you and your color preference.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

When it comes to free apps, Super-Bright LED flashlight becomes more and more popular. This flashlight app has a strobe light feature. It has also compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you have already had this Android type, don’t take time. Install the Super-Bright LED flashlight as soon as possible and get the light.

TeslaLED Flashlight

This is one of the most trustworthy apps which are available for Google Play. As the Best Flashlight App For Android too, this app has a simple interface and customizable home screen widget. However, it sometimes doesn’t t work well with the newer Android devices such as the running KitKat because it is not updated.

ArtLine Flashlight

Another simple flashlight app comes with the name ArtLine Flashlight. It offers a small installation size which is 0.9 MB without unnecessary fluff, timer, and more. You will be able to activate the flashlight when the phone’s screen is off. Some advertising appears but you can still get the functionality. This app is definitely free and has no permissions.


Conclusively, having the Best Free Flashlight App For Android is very useful and helpful. After reading this review, we feel certain that you will be inspired to choose one that is easy to install and easy to use, too. Don’t hesitate to get the app for free. Thus, finding some ideas on this site is your best choice.

Best Web Browser For Windows You Can Download

Do you want to have a great browser to support you surf the internet? Don’t worry. We have some Best Browser For Windows recommendations you can take without any consideration. The best browser is very prominent and becomes the major need when your life is buzzing around with the net. You need such best browser either for supporting your career or just for getting entertainment.

This article is going to show you some Best Browser For Windows you may want to have and FileHorse Chrome is one website that provides many browsers for you to have. Thus, provide your 10 minutes to scroll down the page and read out. Here it is:

Best Browser For Windows:

AOL Shield Browser

If you want a secure browser for your windows, AOL Shield Browser is the best you can choose. It offers high protection of browsing anytime you surf the social media, banking or shopping. All of your information will be protected well by this browser.

The features offered by AOL Shield Browser is the anti-keylogging technology that allows you to open up the hidden information done by the hackers. This browser also has screen grab protection which is aimed to stop the malware from taking your monitor’s picture when you are entering the sensitive data.

As one of the Best Browser For Windows, AOL Shield Browser is also featuring stop scam websites from loading. Thus, you won’t be tricked to open your personal data information. This browser can be freely downloaded only at 512 KB and it is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Avant Browser

Are looking for an ultra-fast web browser? You may consider Avant Browser. This browser type offers efficiency to your experience in surfing the net. Avant Browser is 100% free and contains no virus, no advertisement, no malware, and no spyware.

Since memory often becomes the thing that people think twice, Avant browser comes as a solution. It uses the lowest memory as the web browser on the Windows platform. You can get this browser freely by 4.33 MB. It offers safe and secure downloading. So don’t miss it.

Avast Secure Browser

Protecting personal details is the main function of Avast Secure Browser. Along with this browser’s built-in features, you can stop digital fingerprinting and hiding your personal details. Unfortunately, this browser doesn’t available on Android. All of the features offered by Avast Secure Browser as one of the Best Browser For Windows are functioned as protection.  Those are:

  • Bank mode; it stops the hackers to steal your password, credit card numbers, and other personal details.
  • SecureLine VPN; it stops the snoopers to eavesdrop on you.
  • Anti-fingerprinting; it hides your unique profile so that no website can identify you.
  • Adblock; it blocks the ads coming so fast when you are browsing.
  • Anti-Phishing; it prevents your PC from virus infection, spyware, and malware attack.
  • Anti-Tracking; it stops the website to track your online activities.
  • Stealth-mode; it stops you store the browsing history.
  • HTTPS Encryption; it hides the data sent to you.
  • Password manager; it stores and creates your login credentials for your desired websites.
  • Extension Guard; it blocks unwanted ads.
  • Privacy cleaner; it makes you free up the disk space.
  • Flash protect; it automatically blocks flash-based content from processing.

You can get this browser 100% free by the 2.6 MB downloading.


Overall, you must have Best Browser For Windows for your enjoyable browsing along with the secure process and minimum risk. Don’t hesitate to download one of the browsers we have just reviewed since they are all free.

BitTorrent vs uTorrent, Which One Is Faster?

Many torrent users have the dilemma to choose between BitTorrent vs μTorrent and decide which one is better. High number torrent users said that μTorrent is better which BitTorrent users will never agree. The two belong to the same company, BitTorrent Inc.

It is still confusing why the company runs different but almost the same programs under one roof. Both are known for the ability to allow users to share files in a peer-to-peer system either download or upload. Nevertheless, there are still different details between the two for us to compare them, here they are.

BitTorrent vs μTorrent

  • Implementation of BitTorrent Protocol

Contrary on what people believe about BitTorrent vs μTorrent, the two didn’t implement BitTorrent protocol at the same time. BitTorrent was ahead in this category since it developed in 2001. Even though many also believe μTorrent as the first, but the program didn’t implement the protocol until the purchase in 2006.

  • Ads Bothersome

The most bothering thing while downloading torrents is the ads that disturbed the flow. In the past, BitTorrent was superior with no ads while μTorrent users complained about the matter. But now, the two are almost the same and you have to pay $4.95 USD per year price plan for remove-the-ads-privilege.

If you feel reluctant over the price, there’s report said that BitTorrent is better in managing the ads. It doesn’t affect the download speed as much as in μTorrent.

  • Search and Download Capability

BitTorrent has a search box that allows users to search any torrent file. On the other hand, in μTorrent, you have to customize the search box that integrated into the system based on what your needs. For the download capability, again BitTorrent is ahead with allowing multiple downloads at the same time. Meanwhile, μTorrent only permits one download at a time.

  • Program’s Size

This category is what makes people are leaning on μTorrent more than BitTorrent. With the obsession over applications, more space is highly appreciated. People are willing to do every additional effort and save some space. μTorrent only needs around 2MB while BitTorrent is considerably bulkier.

  • Statistic Report and Portability

BitTorrent users always praise the display of statistic reports of the download completion. This makes BitTorrent seems more user-friendly, μTorrent doesn’t have this accommodation yet. But when talking about the overall portability, μTorrent put a thought battle and come as the winner.

  • Operating System

There’s not much to talk about the operating system on BitTorrent vs μTorrent. The two are compatible with the common operating system, like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. You can run them in many devices from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even phones. There will be no matter in each device as they have been optimized for each operating system.

Bottom line, the discussion of BitTorrent vs μTorrent will never end. The two torrent programs have many similarities with slightly different capabilities. But overall, to decide which one is the best will come down on what you need as a client. All will back on what your preference and expectation on the program.