Things to Know about iPhone X

Apple released an iPhone X, a special iPhone specifically for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It’s no wonder the iPhone X name is read as “iPhone Ten” where X is a representation of the number 10 and the affirmation of the many new advantages and features of the iPhone X. As the newest and most special iPhone ever, of course, Apple has pinned many new features on the iPhone X.

The Advantages of iPhone X

What are the features of the iPhone X and the advantages of the iPhone X compared to the previous iPhone?

  1. A11 Bionic

The new device certainly comes with a superior processor. This time, Apple pinned the A11 Bionic as a new processor for the iPhone X, the same processor also used on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This new processor has many excellent features and is unique when compared to previous processors.

  1.  Super Retina Display

The iPhone X screen is arguably the best screen for all iPhones ever. With a screen that is also very large which is 5.8 Inch, the iPhone X has a high-quality screen. This screen is claimed to be very accurate when dealing with colors. In addition, high resolution and sharpness also make everything displayed will feel very soft and sharp.

  1. New Design

The design of the iPhone X is arguably very radical and different from the previous iPhone. Apple is truly no longer use their old iPhone design. The most obvious is that there is no Home button. Because of the different designs, you also have to adjust a different UX or User Experience. For example, to access the start screen or switch between applications that use the Home button, of course, it will not be able to be as before.

  1. True Depth camera

The front camera of the iPhone X carries a new technology called True Depth. This technology allows the camera to be able to measure image depth by knowing the distance of each object with the camera lens. Because there is a difference in the distance of each object with a lens, the iPhone camera can produce a blur or bokeh effect like a DSLR camera in general. So, the camera will capture a better picture.

  1. Wireless Charging

The long-awaited feature comes in this gadget.  The iPhone X officially carries wireless battery charging technology. This is a new surprising feature which makes us very happy since the charger cable from iPhone is not durable.

What’s New in iPhone X?

Below are some features which already upgraded from the previous iPhone

  1. OLED technology screen

Unlike traditional weak OLED technology in several sectors, such as sharpness and brightness, Apple claims OLED technology in the iPhone X is far better than traditional OLEDs. This is because, in addition to carrying OLED technology that is the same as the OLED screen in general, Apple also embeds Super Retina Display technology, which we discussed earlier so that all the weaknesses of traditional OLED technology can be well covered.

  1. Face ID

Another technology that utilizes the presence of the front camera is the Face ID. The Face ID feature allows you to unlock iPhone and other authentication using the face. The Face ID function is very similar to Touch ID, which is an authentication tool using biometric data. The only difference is that Face ID uses faces, while Touch ID uses fingerprints.

  1. Animoji

Bored with that same emoji in your old iPhone? Apple succeeded in developing Animoji technology that made animation from several pre-existing emojis. The animation shown is also very natural. This feature requires the latest technology available on the front camera of the iPhone X to detect facial movements and gestures and then implement them into certain animations.

Best Photo Editor for PC and Mobile

The role of photo editor in today’s generation is very necessary. By using this app, you can create many beautiful and amazing photos. As we know that there are a photo-based social media which is very useful to earn money, it makes people want to create a great feed on their account by using photo editor. Indeed, pictures are worth more than a thousand words. That’s why people want to keep their photo and edit it to be a better picture.  A photo editor is also a great tool for someone who has photography as their job or passion. On this post, FileHippo will recommend you two photo editing app which can you use for PC and mobile.

The Best Photo Editor for Mobile

VSCO Cam is an application from Visual Supply Co. This application was created due to limited filters and the absence of color settings, contrast, exposure, and others on Instagram which made the developers create a smartphone application that serves to edit your snapshots before uploading to Instagram. VSCO Cam is an application that is currently become hit in the world. FileHippo is recommending you this app because by using VSCO Cam you can edit photos like professional photographers with bright vintage colors or gloomy style.

VSCOCAM is also an application that has the function of capturing or taking photos. It allows users to make changes using digital filters. After that, the user can share the photos to VSCO Grid or to other social media. The specialty of this application is to provide a unique, elegant, and more attractive filter selection which can’t be obtained in other applications. This VSCO Cam application can be used on devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Features in VSCO Cam

When you open this application, you will immediately see some of the main features contained in it. Those features are:

  1. Grid

VSCO Grid is a container provided by VSCO for its users to share photos with other users, by signing up first. You will also have a personal gallery account on the VSCO Cam website. But unfortunately, there are no features for commenting or liking the gallery. And because I am not interested in signing in, my photo isn’t in it.

  1. Gallery

In this feature, you can import photo aliases to insert files from the gallery on your mobile. But unfortunately, VSCO Cam is only limited to receiving sizes with standard resolution and cannot import with large resolutions. You can also do the editing process, in the Android version the user will be able to enjoy 10 presets (from vivid color to black & white) plus some editing tools (exposure, temperature, contrast, etc.). After editing, you can also upload the edited photos to your social media and you can also store it in the gallery.

  1. Camera

In this feature, there is a slight difference between the VSCO Cam iOS version and Android. There are several tools that are not available on Android such as two-finger split focus and material because the majority of Android devices also do not support spot material. Even though both of these tools give users the privilege to adjust the camera’s focus and lighting.

  1. Settings

Settings are used to change the placement position of the tool and also the presets and set up networking with several social networks. So in addition to the free features provided directly in the editing feature, VSCO also provides a variety of presets and tools that are much more and more interesting that you can download through its In-App Purchase Store. Users can buy it or can also download some of the options for free.

The Best Photo Editor for PC

FileHippo’s recommendation for the best photo editor on your PC is none other than Adobe Photoshop. This app is used by designers or photo editor since in this application there are a lot of features. Adobe Photoshop also has a lot of effects variations that can help designers and editors complete their work

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop

You can create many beautiful photos using Adobe Photoshop. Here are some advantages of this very popular photo editor.

  1. Create writing with certain additional effects.

The Adobe Photoshop application has several effects for the text that you can adjust according to your creations and innovations. If you can place the text according to the picture or background conditions, the results will become more interesting and the photo will have a very high selling power.

  1. Create various materials and backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop also provides some material for you to be creative in making material that is interesting and in accordance with your own desires. You can pour all your desires into an interesting creation.

  1. Great editing tools

By using Adobe Photoshop you can change your bad image to good. Moreover, this app provides many effects available for you to use. It makes the image variations becomes smoother and look more beautiful.

  1. Create web material.

File Hippo Download recommends this app since Adobe Photoshop can also be used for web purposes such as compressing image files so they have smaller resolution, cutting out small images, and creating a web photo gallery. By using Adobe Image Ready, you can create web logos, web backgrounds, and GIF animations.

  1. Complete editing tools

The tools for editing are more complete compared to other photo editing apps. The tools that Photoshop has been really great and complete. There are many useful features to create great photos.

You can download those two photo editing apps for free.

How to Choose Great Printers

Printers are one type of hardware which is currently needed by many people, both for personal use and for work purposes. The printer itself was first discovered in the era of the 80s, which was a substitute for a typewriter that had had a lot of changes, ranging from the type and technology used. At first, the printer takes a long time to print documents. Moreover, it can only use black and white ink. Right now, the printer can print very quickly, even printing documents with images and colors that are very sharp and good.

Great Features from Printers

Here are some features that can be obtained in a printer which can maximize your work:

  1. Color printing features up to large sizes.
  2. Print quickly (on laser jet printers).
  3. The function of scanning documents.
  4. Wireless printer.
  5. Portable Printer.
  6. Mini printer (for paper sizes less than A4).

Tips to Choose Printers

Having a printer that is good and also durable, and can be used in various conditions, of course, is one of the things that we want and also expect from a printer. Therefore, users must also be smart. Choose smart printers that are good and durable. Here are some tips on choosing a good and durable printer that can be applied to try:

  1. Know your needs

The main thing is to make sure about what you buy a printer. If you only want to print from word or excel documents, and in a small amount, the Deskjet option with a cartridge can be the right choice. This type of printer is more durable and it requires easy maintenance, especially if it is only used to print in small quantities. But if you need a multifunction printer, then surely a laser type printer with colored ink is the right choice.

  1. Buy the new one

It’s better for users to buy printers in new conditions. The printer is usually a device that is easily damaged if not treated properly, then you might get a bad printer second condition. Therefore, you are advised to buy a new printer. It is because the price is not too expensive. You will also get a warranty from the distributor and also the factory that produces the printer. The user must at least know how to choose a good and cheap printer. So your printer won’t get damaged quickly at an expensive price.

  1. Warranty

Pay attention to the warranty by the shop and the printer manufacturer. Another thing that is important to you is to look at the warranty provided by the distributor. If the warranty is only for a short time, then you should look for a printer with a long warranty period. The long warranty period shows how the factory or distributor quality of the products that they produce.

  1. Choose a good quality printer brand

Brands are also one of the printer indicators with good quality and durable. Choose printer brands that have been tested for quality. There are lots of printers that have been tested for quality. Some printer brands, such as brands of HP, Epson, Canon, and several other brands which are already legend in the printer market. Therefore, you can choose the type of printer from these brands.

  1. Check the physical condition of the printer

The physical condition of the printer must also be considered. Even if you buy a printer in new conditions, it could be that the printer has a product defect and it has an operational disruption. You also need to be able to ensure that the printer can work properly and does not experience interference.

  1. After sales

Users also need to pay attention to after sales services from distributors. Choose a distributor that has good after sales.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Specifications

As one of the most popular brands in the gadget market, Samsung always gives their customer better gadget. This year, they introduce us to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Samsung’s latest tablet is claimed to be able to increase the productivity of young professionals while offering a capable entertainment platform. What’s interesting about this tablet is its attractive design. If you look at how the Galaxy Tab S3 is slim, the Galaxy Tab S4 is much slimmer. This device has an immersive Super AMOLED screen, a thin bezel, and it is very modern. From the beginning, Samsung has focused on new products and services that help consumers do more activity through improved performance.

The Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Since this is their new gadget for this year, we are pretty sure that Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will offer you some interesting and better stuff. So, what are the advantages of this new device?

  1. PC-like tablet

Equipped with Samsung DeX features, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 users can use the tablet like a laptop. Samsung DeX has several customizable modes, such as standalone mode, dual mode, and maximize the window. Standalone is a smart feature to change the user interface of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to be like a desktop just by installing POGO Keyboard. The dual mode itself serves to expand the tablet’s screen to a larger monitor and switch the tablet device into a touchpad supported by S Pen. While the Maximize window is a feature to run all applications in full-screen mode, even when the application does not support freeform.

  1. Louder and clearer sound

In order to provide the best entertainment experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a premium loudspeaker with a quad-speaker from AKG to make the sound louder and clearer. Not only that, Samsung also embeds 360 degree 3D sound effects technology thanks to Dolby Atmos moving audio that allows users to watch all kinds of videos like in a cinema. If you need powerful speaker,you can use The Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker for better sound quality.

  1. Updated S Pen

This gadget has a screen off memo feature. With this feature, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4’s S Pen can provide an experience for users who want the speed to write notes or memos without having to unlock the tablet. Users only need to tap the screen to press the button contained in the S Pen. Not only that, the sophistication of S Pen is also shown by additional features such as air commands that can translate words or sentences and convert currencies, as well as a live message feature that can create Gif and emoji format content.

  1. Thin

In order to support productivity and the best entertainment experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with a 2560×1600 Super AMOLED screen with a thin bezel. This design will make users get a better viewing experience because the Galaxy Tab S4 has a screen ratio of 16:10. With the removal of the home button and the brand logo on the front of the device, the ratio size becomes screen-to-body.

  1. Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow is a device that allows Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to connect with other Samsung devices, from PCs to smartphones. With this feature, content can be easily shared with other devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Specifications

The specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 are quite interesting. There are lots of advantages that we mentioned above and some improvements here and there from previous generations.

  1. Screen

This tablet carries a Super AMOLED screen measuring 10.5 inches with a high resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels. The screen has a pixel density of 288ppi. The screen-to-body ratio of 78.07 percent.

  1. Storage

Meanwhile, on the inside, this device is embedded with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. The available RAM is quite large which is 4GB. The Large RAM is combined with 256GB of internal storage. Not only that, there is a microSD slot if you want to add more memory, up to 400GB. The operating system that runs on it is Android 8.1.

  1. Camera

Samsung equips the Galaxy Tab S4 with a 13MP rear camera along with LED flash and Autofocus. While the front camera has an 8MP sensor.

  1. Battery

This device has a 7300mAh battery. The increase is quite good from the previous generation which is only 6000mAh.

Are you interest to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S4?

The Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker

We live in the 21st-century era where everything will be wireless. After cellphones and laptops (which make the cable redundant), Bluetooth speakers are now present. This technology has taken the experience of listening to music to a new level. This item is not too expensive and it has an attractive design too. Bluetooth speakers have really made our lives far more comfortable and sophisticated. In the past, the average speaker had a fairly large shape, complete with a long cable. But now, with the innovation in the form of wireless or wireless technology, now the speakers are packed with a simpler form, and most importantly is wireless. Most wireless or wireless speakers work with a Bluetooth connection.

Why Don’t You Use Bluetooth Speaker?

Although Bluetooth speakers are easy to be found anywhere, there are still many people who are hesitant to use this type of speaker. The reasons are various, ranging from doubtful sound quality, battery life that is not last long, to the price that is too expensive. Are you one of those people who doesn’t want to use Bluetooth speakers? Then, you should read this article. These are some advantages of Bluetooth speakers compared to ordinary speakers.

What are the Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are some advantages of having a Bluetooth speaker which make you want to buy this gadget for a new experience in listening to music.

  1. Portable

Wireless Bluetooth speakers provide a high amount of portability. They can easily connect to the device. As long as you keep the receiver within the specified range, the speaker will be unstable. So, you can take it outside the home and use it even while traveling or sitting in the park. In addition, most of these speakers are quite light and very small in size. So, the miniscule dimension usually adds results to portability.

  1. Wireless

One of the biggest benefits of portable Bluetooth speakers is that the speakers are wireless. So, people who hate cable and often find it difficult to involve cables can now breathe freely. Being a wireless nature, it is comfortable to handle and also can spell glamor & splendor. This speaker is always prestigious to show it cool to your friends and colleagues.

  1. Power efficiency

Surely you think that Bluetooth speakers have the power that does not last long because it only uses battery power. In fact, battery power that can last a long time is the next advantage that this type of speaker has. Because this speaker has been supported by power efficiency technology. Bluetooth speakers are designed to be carried while traveling so you can listen to music anytime and anywhere. For this reason, the average speaker of this type is equipped with strong battery resistance.

This speaker has very power efficient. Their power requirements are very low even with high sound quality. So, they are as environmentally friendly products and also help you save your electricity bills. In addition, modern manufacturers are taking extra steps to ensure that new discoveries consume less power.

  1. No installation needed

Another small advantage with this speaker is that you don’t need to install it. They get adjusted automatically and there are no requirements for installation or configuration! Thus, these speakers bring more and more comfortable to you.

  1. Impressive sound quality

The sound coming from this device is very impressive. Although it does not have a cable, do not think that the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is normal. The sound quality produced by this type of speaker is pretty good. Even now, many Bluetooth speakers have been found that support surround sound, you know.  You almost get the theater sound experience with this. Those who are addicted to music will definitely enjoy tuning experience to their favorite songs through manufacturing this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Travel-friendly

When you are going to travel or maybe go on a picnic and vacation, you can bring this speaker with you. They are wireless and very portable (as previously explained). So, there will be no difficulty in bringing them. They can be useful when you get bored or when you are in the mood to relax & listen to music. High-quality sound can also pump people into a dancing atmosphere.

  1. Interesting

Bluetooth speakers are attractive, colorful and available in a wide range of distances. Apart from many of its features, they also serve design which looks unique, interesting and cool. For today’s generation, unique, interesting, cool design of a product can be an invaluable asset. You will not be able to stop yourself from showing it to your friends.

  1. Affordable price

Wireless Bluetooth speakers don’t give you such an expensive price. The speakers have an affordable price and offer the best discounts on most online stores.

  1. Water resistance

Some Bluetooth speakers are equipped with water resistance features. Because some types of speakers are designed to listen to music outdoors, that’s why some Bluetooth speakers are also equipped with water-resistant power.