Best Apps for Hooking Up for Singles to Find a Date

Nowadays, there are many kinds of social media to connect person by person. It will make communication easier. On the side, single people need dating their opposite sex. Fortunately, there are the best apps for hooking up to facilitate their dating.

Online media make everything easy. Including for hooking up. Now, people can easily find someone to date (or more, ho

Dating by Online

Finding new friends with the best apps for hooking up is easy nowadays. People can choose their friends with a friend list in this application. After that, it’s easy to meet friends in real life or just online. All of the commitment between both of them.

In this online era, everything can be done online. Including dating. Dating online will be more fun even though just meeting with new friends on the gadget. The latest technology support for online dating that can communicate with each other easily, say hi by video call, or sending a picture to each other.

The Best Apps Referenced For Hooking Up

Nowadays, internet support for every life. Including hooking up for single people. So, here are the best apps for hooking up that are very recommended to try. Namely:

1. OK Cupid 

OK Cupid 

This application is free to access and supports dating with exchanging a selfie picture before. The name itself came from the famous mythology of the boy with the love arrows. So, every user can hope to hook up with each other very well. This application is welcome for dating online. Once again, internet support for this activity.

2. Tinder 


Another best app for hooking up is using Tinder. Tinder can support looking for new friends with a friend list in this application. This application is looking for friends based in a zone. So it will find someone easily based on the nearest zone. This application is using GPS and relates to social media, such as Facebook.


Every single person always finds their friends in a lot of ways. But nowadays, using this application is very recommended. It’s like with the name, support for dating two people. Both of them can date online or after dating online, both of them can continue dating in real life.

4. Tantan


This application is the best application for meeting two people who want to know each other very well. Thus Tantan is required for dating. This application is the same as tinder, but there is something different between them. This application is required for people who are 20 years old.

5. ChinaLove 

China Love 

Hooking up in Asia with the best application is ChinaLove. ChinaLove supports dating two people in Asia. The majority of this application user is Chinese. Even though other users from other countries are very welcome to use it. So, this application can meet people from different countries.

Hooking up for single people can be easier with the best apps for hooking up. Even more online dating by home. It will help to find a new friend easily. So, it makes it easy to look for someone who can be a new friend. It relates to social media, but it is more interesting. You can download 5 apps above on Drivers and Software.

4 Best 4K TV – Not All of Them Have to Be Costly

Not all of the best 4K TV is costly. Some of them are budget-friendly, but you need to understand the specs and features before you make a decision. Such a TV has a bright and detailed image with crisp and clear colors and pictures. Whether you need the TV to watch your favorite movies or play the games, rest assured that you will only get ultimate satisfaction with the TV in your household.

Vizio Quantum X P Series

Vizio Quantum X P Series

This LED TV comes with 4K resolution and a generous size of 65 inches. So, it is big and wide, ensuring a high level of viewing experience and satisfaction. The VA panel is quite satisfying although it isn’t perfect. The wide arrays of color and impressive peak brightness will deliver high-quality HDR perfection. If you buy the TV for gaming, you will appreciate the black frame insertion, the perfect response time, and the very low input lag. The VA panel is one of the downsides, but if you are okay with it, it won’t be such a big deal.

Hisense H9F

Hisense H9F

As it was mentioned before, just because you are thinking about the best 4K TV, it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune. This Hisense variant is a perfect example of how good the TV is even with its affordable tag price.

The picture quality is quite perfect and rich with a combination of fluid and smooth motion and saturated and rich colors. Thanks to its black frame insertion technology, you can reduce the motion blur. The contrast ratio is perfect, making it a super ideal to place the TV in dark rooms. Peak brightness is also great, giving you the flexibility to place the TV in dark rooms. However, the VA panel has its own limitation. This TV is good for small rooms, but not bigger ones because of the poor (viewing) angles. But the budget is hard to resist, so if you are okay with the downsides, you won’t have any problems with it.

LG SM9000

LG SM9000

If you are looking for a TV with easy and superb viewing angles, this one would give you the best outcome. The LED TV with IPS panel will make sure that you have such an amazing viewing experience. After all, the 4K resolution won’t disappoint at all. It may not have such an amazing contrast ratio, but you can be sure about the accurate image – even when you view everything from the side. On the downside, though, the peak brightness is low, which affects the overall HDR performance.

But no need to worry; the TV makes it up with low input lag and impressive support for FreeSync refresh rate. As a result, you can expect superb quality. Not to mention that the WebOS is super easy to use – enabling you to display and cast contents from the mobile device.

Samsung Q70 QLED

Samsung Q70 QLED

This LED TV is still coming with VA panel, but with the combination of 55 inches and 4K resolution, you will definitely enjoy a great image quality. If you buy a monitor for the sake of gaming, this one would be right up your alley with its impressive color accuracy. It has a great low input lag, it supports FreeSync refresh rate, and it can reach up to 120Hz. In short, this is one of the best 4K TV that will surely deliver a punchy performance and quality.

If you want to know more devices and best stuff out there, go to Best AREight and explore around. You will find tons of info, including the best 4K TV for your entertainment.

How To Take A Screenshot on HP Laptop Easily

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop You Should Know

The development of technology has now helped people in many ways. People can now capture important scenes or information without having to use another gadget. Just by one gadget, they can screenshot a piece of information they need. This is also known as a screenshot, which is available on both mobile phones and laptops. Whatever kind of computer you have, you can easily screenshot things you need. There are many ways to take a screenshot on HP laptop that you should know.

People can do screenshots using the keyboards only or use applications that they can download. However, before using other apps it is best people know how to take a screenshot on HP laptop using keyboards. The steps are easy and will need only a few minutes to do. So, here are the steps to capture a screen:

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop You Should Know

1. Print Screen Key

Almost all HP laptops will have a print screen key on their keyboard. The function of this key is to capture the screen that people will need. For those whose windows update will just need to press the Print screen / PrtScn key on their board. When you press this key, it will dim for a moment which is the capturing process. This process will capture the whole screen and save it as a clipboard on the computer. If you want to edit it, then use the app paint or photoshop then save it on your computer.

2. Win + PrintScreen

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop

If you need to capture the whole screen of your laptop, then you can use the function on your keyboards. Find a key on the right of the keyboard that is written PrintScreen or PrtSc. Choose the screen that you want to capture and close the windows that you are not using. Then press together the key Win (usually it is in a square symbol) and the PrtSc key. Next, open up an application such as word or paint to paste the screen. Then you can edit the screen as you need or just leave it as it is.

3. Capture Active Window

You can also capture an active window and save it on your computer easily. The steps on how to take a screenshot on HP laptop are almost the same as before. The difference is only one of the keys that you need to press, here you will need Alt and Print Screen. Press these two buttons together and then paste it on an image editor. You can then edit the photo as you like but don’t forget to save it afterward.

4. Few Area Screenshot

For those who want to capture only a few areas of a screen can use the snipping tool. The updated software usually already has this app without downloading it. But if you don’t have one, then you can download it on your computer. First, make sure the area that you want to capture is ready and clean from other tabs. Then click the app and choose the area that you want to capture. It will automatically show on the app and you can also edit it right away on the app. You can choose to save it or copy-paste it on another file.

5. Screenshot Apps

If you have tried these steps above, but you still can’t capture a screen then one of the keys may be broken. To help you capture the screen, download apps that have this function. There are also many apps that can-do screen capture in a quick time. Some of the most downloaded ones are Greenshot and Lightshot.

So, make sure your keyboards are working well to take a capture of the screen. The steps on how to take a screenshot on HP laptop are easy and can be learned by anyone. But for those who want an easier way can also download apps like a Screenshot, Greenshot or Lightshot.

5 Ways To Know The Eggs Is Still Good Or Not


There are a few ways to know if the eggs are still good to eat or not. How long do eggs last may depend on the way you save them. But if you are already saving them for more than a week and don’t know when exactly the farmer takes them from the chicken, you need to do this test.

Ways To Know The Eggs Is Still Good Or Not

  • Water Test

Eggs Water Test

The first way is using water. Put an egg in the water. You can use glass or bowl. If it is floating so the egg is rotten and not good to eat. It may stinky and the color have changed.

If it is floating in the middle of the glass, it still okay but not too fresh. Probably the age of the egg is more than 2 weeks.

You still can eat them, but first crack them in a bowl and see the color. If it’s not like a fresh egg maybe to yellow at the whites or already smelly, don’t eat them.

Then if the eggs are a sink, it means that the air inside the eggs shell is not much. The eggs are still good and fresh so you can store it again or cook them.

  1. Expired Date

Eggs Expired Date

When you asked about how long do eggs last, it can be shown clearly from the expired date. Carton box which holds them from the supermarket will tell you the expired date.

Don’t throw away the box. So you can use them as a clue when does the eggs will last. A farmer may write the production date and estimation of the expired date.

No one knows better than the farmer who took it from the chicken itself. So you can trust the expired date on the box.

  1. Smell The Eggs

Smell The Eggs

The easiest way to know how long do eggs last is by the smell it. Crack the egg on a bowl and smell them. A fresh egg will smell good. There is no disgusting smell or another odor in it.

But if it is stink and disgusting just simply throw them away because it already last and cant be eaten. Sometimes a young aged egg can be broken by another food’s odors. It can make the egg’s quality down faster.

  1. Use Candle Or Flashlight

Candling Eggs

The next method is by using a flashlight or candle. Simply put the flashlight to the eggs, then turn it on. If the yolks and whites are still clearly separated then the eggs are good. The second thing you can see is the air.

If the air inside the eggs is not too much it means the egg is still good. The amount of air can be a clear clue to let you know whether the egg is good to eat or not.

  1. Look At The Egg Shell

Egg Shell

How long do eggs last can be seen also from the shell? A fresh and good egg has a flawless surface and color.

It may consist of some spot in it. But the spot’s color is black, tiny and maybe just dirt.

But, if you spotted a green color spot in an egg’s shell and you can rub it with the hand it may be a fungus. It can happen when an egg is cracked then they were broke by the bacteria and fungus.

The fungus can be shown as a green or white spot. It can be rubbed easily by hand. If you see this, so it can conclude that the eggs are bad. Don’t eat them or you can be sick because of it.

This five-way to test the eggs can be a guide for you to know how long do fresh eggs last. Do those little test so you will get the best egg to eat and get off from rotten egg.

5 Most-Visited Free Sports Streaming Sites

Free Sports Streaming Sites

It is annoying to be in a rush just to watch your favorite team match. You are afraid of missing their great performance in the field. Yes, this feeling could happen when you’re in a traffic jam or somewhere. But, today don’t worry, there are many free sports streaming sites. You can still watch the match anywhere without any cost.

Before we mention the most-visited free sports streaming sites, you need to know what it is. For some people, it might be a new thing. This site provides you many matches. Not only football but also other sports too. All you need is a good internet connection and its high-speed. In several sites, you are also able to download the sports game.

5 Most-Visited Free Sports Streaming Sites

There are many sport streaming sites. But, unluckily, not all of them are free. Some ask you to subscribe or pay a periodical member. However, this must be uncomfortable for you while streaming videos. So, that is why we give you some recommendation sites below:

1. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

This site is one of the most favorite destinations for every sports lover. Red Bull is also different from any kind of sports streaming site. It shows you the adventure sports, live sports programming, and people lifestyle which happening. Another thing which no one has is the list. Red Bull has a list based on the Athletes according to the country and sports.

What are you looking for here? The available sports here are climbing, racing, F1, skiing, snowboarding, until eSports. It is like a one-package online site for your sport desire.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Just like Red Bull TV, Fox Sport is also the place as free sports streaming sites. When you open the site, you can see the scores from any matches at the top. It is also completed by the schedules, highlights, and comments from famous people. Coming from the legal sport streaming part, you are free to access Fox Sport. But if you have an account in Verizon, Cox, Frontier, etc., you can use it to log in here.


Do you want to feel like watching the match directly? is the right choice! You can watch live streaming and sports videos for free here. There are million broadcasts and contents here. If you want to have it on your hand, just download Ustream via Google Play. Get the updated score, recent information, and upcoming event just on one click.

4. Reddit


If you are a sports lover plus social media maniac, you must be already familiar with Reddit. Yes, this is the most-visited sites in the world. Reddit is put on the top of 50. It has a community called “subreddits”. They don’t only discuss football. You can find various sports community here. So, let’s go check the site now!



This site has a wider reach besides Red Bull TV. You can also feel the same atmosphere just like sitting in the middle of the match. Its service is so clear and high-definition. Came from Austria, Germany, and Japan in 2016, now it expanded until the USA, Brazil, and many countries. If you are falling for sports streaming, DAZN offers you a first-month-free exclusive service.

At first, sport fighting is DAZN focused. So that is why some people may know it is only for the fighting club. But as it expanded, now DAZN offers more than 8,000+ sports shows. Moreover, you can get 100 fight nights a year if you are their subscriber.

Okay, those are the recommended free sports streaming sites from us. Be careful in choosing for websites. Once you Googling, there is some illegals site on the list. Those sites might contain an annoying advertisement or malware. Be wise and only choose the legal one.