Top 4 Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Today’s Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 allow users to save photos, videos, audio files, and even important documents in them. As a consequence, there is a big possibility that some important files are deleted from the devices either intentionally or unintentionally so that recovering them by using reliable Android data recovery apps must be the best choice. In addition, similar cases may also happen to your call logs, SMS messages, and contacts which are important. Well, let’s check out several data recovery applications for Android just to make sure that you have a solution when the unwanted issues happen.

4 Best Android Data Recovery Apps


The first app that you can try when you need to recover deleted photos and videos is DiskDigger. This application allows you to recover the lost images and videos both from your internal and external storage. To operate this, you do not need to root your device actually. However, this will work much better when your device is rooted because the app can go deeper. You can download the free version to recover images and videos. However, if you need to recover other formats, please upgrade to the pro version.

EaseUS MobiSaver

This is one of the Android data recovery apps that you will love because this one does not only recover deleted images and videos but call logs, SMS, contacts, and even WattsApp messages as well. You can recover the images and videos in various formats. Like the previous app, DiskDigger, you can go both without and with root access to recover the lost data. Again, when the device is rooted, you can go scanning deeper and more effective. In addition, you may choose the free base app to recover limited formats or purchase the app to have more options.


Well, Dr.fone can be one of the most popular amongst the Android users. This Android recovery app can recover deleted data not only when the Android devices work properly but also when the devices do not work normally. The best part is that this app allows you to recover various formats. When you want this one, it is important to remember that you need to connect your Android devices to your computer using USB cable in order to perform the recovery operation.

Besides Dr.fone, there is also Gihosoft which works in a similar way. Keep in mind that you can get free and paid versions for both apps with a different range of formats that are able to be recovered.

MiniTool Android Recovery

The last, but not the least, is MiniTool Android Recovery. The great news when you choose this one is that this app has what Dr.fone and Gihosoft have. In this case, you can not only recover images and videos but also SMS, call logs, contacts, and WattsApp things. For the free version, you can recover various data in limited formats. However, you can go to the pro version if you think that you want to have more and better options.

Well, those are the Android data recovery apps that you can choose. Keep in touch to get more pieces of information including the data recovery apps for iOS devices.