BitTorrent vs uTorrent, Which One Is Faster?

BitTorrent vs uTorrent
BitTorrent vs uTorrent
BitTorrent vs uTorrent

Many torrent users have the dilemma to choose between BitTorrent vs μTorrent and decide which one is better. High number torrent users said that μTorrent is better which BitTorrent users will never agree. The two belong to the same company, BitTorrent Inc.

It is still confusing why the company runs different but almost the same programs under one roof. Both are known for the ability to allow users to share files in a peer-to-peer system either download or upload. Nevertheless, there are still different details between the two for us to compare them, here they are.

BitTorrent vs μTorrent

  • Implementation of BitTorrent Protocol

Contrary on what people believe about BitTorrent vs μTorrent, the two didn’t implement BitTorrent protocol at the same time. BitTorrent was ahead in this category since it developed in 2001. Even though many also believe μTorrent as the first, but the program didn’t implement the protocol until the purchase in 2006.

  • Ads Bothersome

The most bothering thing while downloading torrents is the ads that disturbed the flow. In the past, BitTorrent was superior with no ads while μTorrent users complained about the matter. But now, the two are almost the same and you have to pay $4.95 USD per year price plan for remove-the-ads-privilege.

If you feel reluctant over the price, there’s report said that BitTorrent is better in managing the ads. It doesn’t affect the download speed as much as in μTorrent.

  • Search and Download Capability

BitTorrent has a search box that allows users to search any torrent file. On the other hand, in μTorrent, you have to customize the search box that integrated into the system based on what your needs. For the download capability, again BitTorrent is ahead with allowing multiple downloads at the same time. Meanwhile, μTorrent only permits one download at a time.

  • Program’s Size

This category is what makes people are leaning on μTorrent more than BitTorrent. With the obsession over applications, more space is highly appreciated. People are willing to do every additional effort and save some space. μTorrent only needs around 2MB while BitTorrent is considerably bulkier.

  • Statistic Report and Portability

BitTorrent users always praise the display of statistic reports of the download completion. This makes BitTorrent seems more user-friendly, μTorrent doesn’t have this accommodation yet. But when talking about the overall portability, μTorrent put a thought battle and come as the winner.

  • Operating System

There’s not much to talk about the operating system on BitTorrent vs μTorrent. The two are compatible with the common operating system, like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. You can run them in many devices from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even phones. There will be no matter in each device as they have been optimized for each operating system.

Bottom line, the discussion of BitTorrent vs μTorrent will never end. The two torrent programs have many similarities with slightly different capabilities. But overall, to decide which one is the best will come down on what you need as a client. All will back on what your preference and expectation on the program.