Best Photo Editor for PC and Mobile

The role of photo editor in today’s generation is very necessary. By using this app, you can create many beautiful and amazing photos. As we know that there are a photo-based social media which is very useful to earn money, it makes people want to create a great feed on their account by using photo editor. Indeed, pictures are worth more than a thousand words. That’s why people want to keep their photo and edit it to be a better picture.  A photo editor is also a great tool for someone who has photography as their job or passion. On this post, FileHippo will recommend you two photo editing app which can you use for PC and mobile.

The Best Photo Editor for Mobile

VSCO Cam is an application from Visual Supply Co. This application was created due to limited filters and the absence of color settings, contrast, exposure, and others on Instagram which made the developers create a smartphone application that serves to edit your snapshots before uploading to Instagram. VSCO Cam is an application that is currently become hit in the world. FileHippo is recommending you this app because by using VSCO Cam you can edit photos like professional photographers with bright vintage colors or gloomy style.

VSCOCAM is also an application that has the function of capturing or taking photos. It allows users to make changes using digital filters. After that, the user can share the photos to VSCO Grid or to other social media. The specialty of this application is to provide a unique, elegant, and more attractive filter selection which can’t be obtained in other applications. This VSCO Cam application can be used on devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Features in VSCO Cam

When you open this application, you will immediately see some of the main features contained in it. Those features are:

  1. Grid

VSCO Grid is a container provided by VSCO for its users to share photos with other users, by signing up first. You will also have a personal gallery account on the VSCO Cam website. But unfortunately, there are no features for commenting or liking the gallery. And because I am not interested in signing in, my photo isn’t in it.

  1. Gallery

In this feature, you can import photo aliases to insert files from the gallery on your mobile. But unfortunately, VSCO Cam is only limited to receiving sizes with standard resolution and cannot import with large resolutions. You can also do the editing process, in the Android version the user will be able to enjoy 10 presets (from vivid color to black & white) plus some editing tools (exposure, temperature, contrast, etc.). After editing, you can also upload the edited photos to your social media and you can also store it in the gallery.

  1. Camera

In this feature, there is a slight difference between the VSCO Cam iOS version and Android. There are several tools that are not available on Android such as two-finger split focus and material because the majority of Android devices also do not support spot material. Even though both of these tools give users the privilege to adjust the camera’s focus and lighting.

  1. Settings

Settings are used to change the placement position of the tool and also the presets and set up networking with several social networks. So in addition to the free features provided directly in the editing feature, VSCO also provides a variety of presets and tools that are much more and more interesting that you can download through its In-App Purchase Store. Users can buy it or can also download some of the options for free.

The Best Photo Editor for PC

FileHippo’s recommendation for the best photo editor on your PC is none other than Adobe Photoshop. This app is used by designers or photo editor since in this application there are a lot of features. Adobe Photoshop also has a lot of effects variations that can help designers and editors complete their work

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop

You can create many beautiful photos using Adobe Photoshop. Here are some advantages of this very popular photo editor.

  1. Create writing with certain additional effects.

The Adobe Photoshop application has several effects for the text that you can adjust according to your creations and innovations. If you can place the text according to the picture or background conditions, the results will become more interesting and the photo will have a very high selling power.

  1. Create various materials and backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop also provides some material for you to be creative in making material that is interesting and in accordance with your own desires. You can pour all your desires into an interesting creation.

  1. Great editing tools

By using Adobe Photoshop you can change your bad image to good. Moreover, this app provides many effects available for you to use. It makes the image variations becomes smoother and look more beautiful.

  1. Create web material.

File Hippo Download recommends this app since Adobe Photoshop can also be used for web purposes such as compressing image files so they have smaller resolution, cutting out small images, and creating a web photo gallery. By using Adobe Image Ready, you can create web logos, web backgrounds, and GIF animations.

  1. Complete editing tools

The tools for editing are more complete compared to other photo editing apps. The tools that Photoshop has been really great and complete. There are many useful features to create great photos.

You can download those two photo editing apps for free.